Yoga for travelers

Yoga for travelers

The happiest of New Year’s to all of you reading out there.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sticking with me over the last few months.  Lots of exciting things in store for 2013, but since I’m still on London time, I’ll start by sharing a quick post on yoga for travelers – specifically poses you (and anyone really) can do to alleviate some of the exhaustion and stiffness from sitting on a plane, train or car for hours on end.

I just got back from 11 or so days tromping all over the UK and Paris (hard life, I know).  When we got off our red-eye to London, neither of us had slept at all.  This was going to be a challenge since we had plans that evening and I didn’t want to totally throw off our internal clocks by sleeping all day.  So, the first thing I did when I got to the hotel was legs up the wall pose.  Note my super-stylin’ travel outfit!

Legs up the wallIMG_0091

This gentle inversion can give you energy and also drain any fluid that might have collected in your legs and/or feet from being in one position for too long.  Also – hotels are a great place to do the pose because you can generally lie on the bed instead of the floor!  Bonus – it feels really good.

I don’t set out with a specific idea of yoga poses to practice while en route to my destination, but my instincts always tell me to twist!  The gentle twist below can be accomplished on a car, train or airplane seat.  If you have the aisle, it’s extra nice to be able to grab the side of the seat to give yourself extra leverage.  Crossed legs are not required.


Steve (the bf) doesn’t do yoga at all (darnit – working on him), but he has pretty good instincts too and practices his version of Warrior I (he didn’t know he was doing yoga, HA!) to stretch out his calf muscles and achilles tendon before and after a long journey.  I wish I had a photo of him doing it (evidence, you know…) but I don’t so here’s me again.

Warrior I

Finally, the food you eat can also help energize you.  This is a massive over-simplification of ayurvedic principles, but spicy food, such as these curries at Brick Lane market in London, can energize you as well.

Indian food purveyors at Brick Lane

Lastly, traveling can be incredibly stressful, so it’s a good time to dust off your meditation skills.  A simply phrase repeated to yourself on your inhale and exhale can be invaluable to not killing your nearest and dearest in the travel process!

What are your favorite yoga poses to do while traveling? Please let us know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I really needed help trying to find yoga poses I could do in my room without going to a class! Love your blog:)

    • Thank you!! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Check out my home practice roundup post too, if you haven’t yet, for more ideas. 🙂


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