Why do we do certain poses?

Why do we do certain poses?

Here is a moment too good not to share…

I subbed a yoga core class this morning – lots of challenging core strengthening moves and wonderful, if intense, concentration from my group of yogis.   Everyone was working hard and doing a great job, but I wasn’t seeing much in the way of smiles.

We finished our salabhasana (locust pose) sequence and moved on to dhanurasana (bow pose).  After our initial go around with the traditional pose, I asked the students to try it again and then, this time, roll onto their sides into side bow.  As I expected, a little chaos ensued.  There is really no graceful way to get from bow to side bow – you sort of have to give yourself a good heave in the direction you want to go and hope for the best.  It’s definitely a pose transition you can’t overthink too much, or it won’t happen.

The mood lightened, and I saw those smiles I was missing and heard laughter from more than one person.  After we were through and everyone had gotten in and out of the pose successfully, one of the students asked, “why do we do that pose? what are the benefits?”

I replied, “You’re laughing, aren’t you?” She looked at me, a little perplexed.  “That’s the benefit.” I said.

Will side bow lead you to enlightenment? Will it help you discover muscles you never thought you had? Probably not.  But I bet it will make you laugh.  Try it!

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