Why a private or semi-private lesson might be right for you

Why a private or semi-private lesson might be right for you

They’re heeeeeerrreee!!! Take a look at my shiny new Supportive Yoga marketing postcards!  You might recognize the photos and Supportive Yoga logo (hand drawn and painstakingly retouched using Paint software) from the blog.

Supportive Yoga Postcard

Why yes, that is one of those nifty QR code thingies.  Hopefully it’s shouting, “Please scan me, people!”

I’ve been giving these out and placing a few in some local businesses near where I live in order to try to grow my local private and semi-privates session clientele.  After the last *ahem* short-lived studio class experiment ended with no alternatives in sight, I figured I needed to regroup and think about the best way to serve my students.  I know a lot of you are busy, have competing priorities and a certain amount of funds you can spend on yourself.  I also know that a lot of you want to practice yoga but may not think studio classes are a good fit for you.

I’ve walked into a lot of yoga studios as a newbie over the years and it can be really intimidating.  There might be a “yoga mafia” – i.e. a club of core students who seem to belong there and who aren’t looking for new members.  You might feel judged by the staff or students because of how you look or what you can and can’t do. Let me assure you that there are studios out there where anyone can feel comfortable, but finding those sanctuaries can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating.

You might find a studio that you like, only to take classes where the teacher’s instructions to the room don’t make sense for you or your body.  You want to ask questions, but you don’t know how to go about it in a group class setting.  You might find a studio, class and teacher you like, but you really want to work on poses or pranayama or meditation techniques that aren’t covered in group classes.  You might simply not want to leave the comfort of your living room to practice yoga.  If any of this applies to you, then a private or semi-private session might be right for you at this point in your yoga journey.

I won’t lie to you – private yoga sessions are pricier than studio classes, but I promise you it’s an investment into your practice that you won’t regret.  You can also split the sessions with a friend or two for a more affordable option.  Now excuse me while I sound like an infomercial…though I promise there will be no black and white videos of people harming themselves while attempting every day activities.

Are you in the DC metro area?  Are you interested in trying yoga in a safe, comfortable environment?  Are you a yogi, but haven’t found a studio you love (eesh – I feel you on this one!).  Would you rather a yoga teacher came to you?  Comfort, convenience and a tailored practice are only some of the benefits of private and semi-private yoga sessions.

Not local?  Fear not!  I’m also offering skype consultations and sessions.  Email me and we can figure out the best way to work together!

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