Which class should I take?

Which class should I take?

Hi everyone! I’m settled into my DC/Silver Spring digs and getting ready to film some videos for you! In the meantime, my classes start this week and there are a lot to choose from (a very good problem to have) so I thought I’d do a little introduction and tell you a bit about them so you can decide which class is right for you!  I find yoga class names to be confusing at best so while I can’t promise that my definitions will be the same as other teachers’ definitions, maybe this can help you navigate your local studio as well!

For those of you who don’t want to or can’t watch the video (though you are missing some awesome awkward laughing) here are some quick descriptions of my classes and what you might expect when you attend them.   I truly believe that you can take any class you like as long as you can do it without hurting yourself (and/or are confident enough to opt out if something isn’t appropriate for you – what really makes you an advanced yogi in my opinion).  You $$ buys the same mat space as anyone else!

Yoga Fundamentals: this class is for beginners, especially those who have never done yoga before or maybe did it once 10 years ago.  We’ll start slowly, learning how to sit, stand and find out neutral positions on the mat.  Then we’ll break down basic poses – plank, lunges, downward dog, warrior II, tree, triangle etc…nothing fancy – but foundations for the asana practice.  We’ll go over sun salutation modifications and prepare for basics and yoga I classes.  You can certainly take this class if you aren’t an absolute beginner, but that’s who it’s geared for.

Yoga I/Basics: I don’t have one of these on the schedule right now, but I’m sure I’ll be subbing at some point.  Yoga I and basics classes are the next step after fundamentals.  We’ll continue to refine the foundational poses in the practice while introducing new poses as appropriate.  We’ll learn how to build strength and flexibility safely.  You’ll have a chance to flirt with a few more challenging asanas at the peak of the practice, with plenty of options to take it easy instead.

Mixed Level Hatha: I’m hoping to make this a true mixed level class (which is super challenging to teach), appropriate for anyone except perhaps someone who has never done yoga before.  I’ll offer lots of options for each pose, with different modification and prop ideas as well as space to try the traditional or more complex variations of poses.  You’ll be able to “choose your own adventure” and decide whether to take your practice up or down depending on how you feel.  We’ll begin to explore more advanced poses as well with explanations and different approaches so you can experiment with them safely.

Yoga I/II: Similar to mixed-level hatha, this class will start to move beyond the basics to a more challenging asana practice.  Meant to be a bridge between yoga I and yoga II, we’ll refine the basic poses while beginning to work on more complex variations and introduce basic inversions and arm balances.  I’ll assume that you have some experience on the mat and know the basic poses and how to get into them in a way that’s appropriate for your body.

Yoga II/III: This is a more advanced practice for yogis who have at least six months of steady practice on the mat.  We’ll work on challenging poses and complex variations.  I had a conversation recently about how you know you are ready for advanced classes.  In my opinion, you are ready when you know how to take care of your body in class.  Do you need to be able to do everything? Of course not.  But you need to know your limits, and when to stop.  I think it’s also important to be ok with the fact that you might not be able to do everything – I remember that being so hard when I first started out so I definitely wasn’t ready.

Yoga for Larger Bodies (or curvy, round, fat, zaftig etc…):  This is a mixed level class specifically for those of us with large bodies.  You can be a beginner or a more experienced practitioner.  The modifications in this class will be specific to larger bodies.  We’ll use props and explore modifications to make the practice work for our bodies.  Similar to mixed level hatha, there will be options to either take it easy or to do a more challenging practice depending on how you are feeling.  We’ll create a safe and welcoming environment to explore everything this practice has to offer.

Hope to see you in class!  Happy practicing.


  1. Oh my goodness, you’re in the DC Area teaching? Where and when? I have been following you hoping to get an opportunity to be a student of yours. My prayer has been answered 🙂

    • I just saw this! Sorry for the delay in responding!! Would love to have you in class! 🙂


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