Rock you like a hurricane

Rock you like a hurricane

Stay safe, east coasters!  I’ll be hunkered down with the boyfriend and the cats for the duration.

The worst thing for me during these storms is cabin fever.  I get this insane urge to go outside (usually for coffee) at really inappropriate times.  This time, when that happens, I’m going to do some yoga and see if that helps get rid of any excess nervous energy.

If you have power, there are tons of resources out there to help you practice at home.  Podcasts are great and there are tons of free ones available.  Google free yoga podcast and enjoy.  You can also check out sites like, or if you prefer having video.  I find that even if I don’t exactly follow the podcast (you can’t make me, ha!) that it helps having a guide.

This is also a great time to develop your own home practice.  You can check out my own home practice round up or any of the Sequence Wednesday posts for inspiration.  If you are a list person (hi! great club, right?) then make a list of your favorite poses so you have a reminder handy in the moment.  A home practice does not have to look like a class and if you want to hang out in supta badakonasa the whole time, no one is stopping you!

If your power goes out, light some candles and try meditating or practicing in your yoga mood lighting.  If you are cold because your heat is electric, try my tips for staying warm and if you are panicky, try some restorative poses to calm down.

Have any other yoga tips for getting through this crazy weather?  Share them in the comments!

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