Happenings in the new year

Happenings in the new year

I know, I’ve been fairly blog silent lately.  I don’t really have an excuse other than a general feeling of needing a break.  I think enthusiasm for a practice, much like a long term relationship, ebbs and flows a bit.  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s ok – I’d tell you, if you asked me, that it was was ok to take a break, so I’m trying to practice (heh) what I preach!

I’m off on a very exciting trip across the pond in a few days so I won’t be able to update much until after New Year’s, but I wanted to let you know about some exciting stuff happening in January.

Starting on January, 6th, I’m back on the schedule at Blue Heron Wellness!  I’ll be teaching the Yoga I class on Sundays at 10:30am.  Though it’s not a plus size/large yogi/supportive yoga class per se, I really want to encourage you to take it if you are in the area.  Yoga I is great level to teach because I can tailor it to who shows up.  I know walking into a class where you might be the only larger person can be a tremendous undertaking, but I’ll be there!  I think it’s so important not only for those of us in larger bodies not only to practice yoga, but to practice yoga visibly.  We belong in yoga classes.  Our money buys us the same mat space as anyone else.  The more of us who attend classes, the better the classes will become for us, as teachers see what yoga looks like in different bodies and adjust (or don’t adjust!) their teaching accordingly.  It’s also important for all students to see teachers of all shapes and sizes in the front of the room.

Having said that, I’m currently exploring ways to hold a Supportive Yoga class, which will cater to large-bodied yogis and anyone else who needs a little extra support in their practice.  I’m looking into venues other than studios, and also considering renting out studio space to hold the class (which wouldn’t require buy-in for the class from a studio, gym or community center) but I would need a certain number of folks committed to taking the class and I’d also need to figure out props etc…if you’d be interested, please email me so I can get a sense of what the demand is.

I’ve also <shameless plug alert> lowered the prices for private and semi-private sessions with me.  If you have space for a mat in your home and can split the cost of the session with a friend or two, it works out to be about the same amount of money you pay in studios to take classes with me.  Treat yourself, or a loved one, to an awesome yoga practice, customized for your body.   Here are the new lowered prices:

$50 for a 1 hour private session for 1-2 participants

$17 per person for a 1 hour semi-private session for 3-5 participants

$10 per person for a 1 hour semi-private session for 5+ participants

I’m really excited for what’s to come in the new year.  Happy Holidays!!

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