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Hi Everyone!  After I posted on Friday about getting my plus size yoga class to do Chair Headstand and to turn their “I can’t”s into “I can”s, Amber from Body Positive Yoga asked via Twitter if I could do a video of me demonstrating the pose.  I’ve never done video before, but Amber gave me a quick idea how to go about making one.  During our second photo shoot this weekend, Melinda (Supportive Yoga Photographer Extraordinare) was able to film me doing the pose.  A few swear words directed toward IMovie later, I have a rudimentary video to share.  Hopefully it looks ok – and if not, Amber made me do it! 🙂

*Update (April 2014).  In the video I say to bring the torso and head to rest against the wall.  If you are having trouble getting your hips over your shoulders, this can be a helpful way to train the body to recognize where it should be BUT it isn’t necessary.  Eventually, you should be able to kick up and balance with your head and torso a few inches away from the wall.  It might even be preferable to avoid messing with the natural curve of the spine.  You can, or course, always rest your feet on the wall.  As practice evolves so does teaching!


A note about kicking up:  When we were filming this, I was trying to come up with a way to describe the mechanics of kicking up for folks who are interested in trying this.  The best I came up with was that you are using your top leg as a lever to swing yourself up (i.e. get your body in the right position on the wall) and because legs are heavy, using the momentum of the top leg helps a lot with getting up.  However, it is the action of the bottom leg pulling into the chest that actually allows me to stay on my traps long enough to be able to get both legs on the wall.  Otherwise, I’d just hit the wall with my top leg and come back down.  Does that make sense?  I need both actions to successfully get into the pose.  You might try kicking up by bringing both legs into the body and then straightening them, but that didn’t work for me yesterday.

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