Best Leggings Ever: Lineagewear Review

Best Leggings Ever: Lineagewear Review

It’s no secret that I LOVE yoga clothes.  Yoga clothes make up the vast majority of my wardrobe and since I left my office job behind, I pretty much wear yoga pants all the darn time.  I spend quite a bit (actually an embarrassing amount) of time trolling the internet looking for new and interesting activewear clothing lines.  So when Katie at Lineagewear, a local company based right here in NYC, offered to send me a pair of her beautiful leggings to try, I pretty much shrieked with joy and did a little happy dance around my bedroom.

I had been eying Lineagewear leggings on Instagram and there were several things that made them standout from the vast array of other clothing companies advertising there.  First, the fabrics and patterns were beautiful – bold without being obnoxious, and it seemed like they looked good on pretty much everyone.  Second, I noticed that people of all different body types were modeling the leggings and further investigation revealed that Katie was offering leggings from sizes XS-3X, with no differentiation in price or availability of fabrics and patterns.  You guys – that’s special.  I don’t know if people realize how rare that is…so often plus sizes are relegated to limited patterns and colors or the upcharge is so outrageous, it’s ludicrous.  And, as much as I love companies that cater exclusively to plus sizes, I am so happy that Lineagewear is showing that you can offer a product across a large range of sizes that’s awesome for everyone.  I hope that other companies will follow that example.

So let’s talk about the leggings…they’re pretty fantastic.

If you’re going to have #bestleggingsever as your company tag line/hashtag, then you better back up that rather bold statement with an awesome product, right?  These leggings are indeed awesome – so awesome in fact, that I did something that I have never done before.  After I received my free pair of leggings from Katie, I ponied up my own cash to buy another pair.  They fit like a glove due to the contoured seaming and I especially appreciate the high waist, which keeps everything where it’s supposed to be and I don’t have to worry about anything hanging out that I don’t want to when I practice.  I receive so many compliments when I wear both pairs of leggings and they feel great!  Plus in a sea of black and grey spandex, it’s really fun to wear something different!!

Here’s the miami vice print:

miami vice ardhachandrachapasanaIt’s super fun and especially nice during the chilly winter months – I can pretend I’m amidst the palm trees on the beach somewhere!

Green Peacock Print

Vashitastana Green PeacockOh man, these are so pretty and bright.  I love them – you’ll never lose me!  Haha.

In another life, I studied costume design, so I am extra tickled that Katie, the founder of Lineagewear, is a Broadway seamstress.  Her expertise in the construction of these leggings shows.  They seem like they’ll stand up to a lot of wear and tear and I know from experience how difficult it can be to work with stretchy fabrics!  More on that from the Lineagewear site:

Costumes have to stand up to the rigors of sweaty performers abusing the heck out of their costumes for 8 shows a week, with laundering in between each show. They are completely bespoke, are fitted multiple times along the way, and have to be WAY sturdier than regular clothing. We mention this to highlight the fact that Katie knows what it takes to make a high quality pair of leggings. A cute print is not enough- it has to stay put in downward dog, or during that 5k, or while you’re scaling that mountain.

Our leggings are handmade by real people in New York City’s renowned Fashion District. Each fabric is locally sourced and hand selected by the owner to ensure quality. Every step of the process is American made, with an emphasis on a small carbon footprint. Wear your Lineagewear knowing that they are ONLY made with good juju!

I can’t wait to get more leggings from Lineagewear and I am so excited to be able to give you guys a discount should you want some leggings of your very own.  Use code: supportiveyoga for 15% off!!

*Disclaimer: Katie sent me a pair of leggings to try free of charge.  All opinions are my own.

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