Arm balance prep for larger bodies

Arm balance prep for larger bodies

Hi everyone!  If you follow me on social media, you might already know that I sort of declared 2015 to be the year of the arm balance for supportive yoga.  I was getting a lot of questions about arm balances for large bodied yogis and I decided to put some serious thought into how to make these poses work for our bodies.  I’ve been working on eka pada koundinyasana a lot in my own practice so I decided to record a video of how I began prepping my body for this very challenging asana.

You need strength of course – I don’t think you need me to tell you that.  And, here’s the thing, large bodies are strong bodies – we just have more to lift.  So any poses where we bear weight are harder for us. What I’m not sure everyone realizes though, is that you have to be pretty flexible to get yourself into the shapes of arm balances too – and that’s where this video comes in.  If you can do three-legged dog (downward dog with one leg up), you can do this prep work.  And if you can’t, you can do the first part of the video (hands and knees).

In this video I:

*show you how to bring your knee towards your elbow from hands and knees (table top position)

*show you how to bring your knee towards your elbow from downward dog

*Talk a lot – as per always, be a big dork and laugh awkwardly – as per always

*Freak out a little bit about the fact that I’m doing a video instead of working on Yoga Without Exception since we’re filming in a week and launching really soon!

I’m so excited to have you along on my arm balance journey!  Happy practicing!!  Questions? Let me know in the comments!!


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