A Year

A Year

This week, one year ago, I started this blog.  I wanted a way to share all cool ideas I had for yoga hacks and sequencing and everything I was learning through teaching (true story – my students are my best teachers!)  When I published my first few posts, all I wanted was one person to read it, feel inspired to try something they might not otherwise try, and to believe that the yoga practice could work for them.   I’m pretty sure I got my wish and I am so grateful for all of you who read and comment on my posts, wade through my wordy explanations, and try my yoga hacks and sequences for yourselves.  Nothing makes me happier than to hear how a pose that seemed impossible might be workable or that I inspired someone to give yoga another chance and head to class or to start a home practice.  I hope I’ve been able to convey my belief that yoga really is for everyone and that my responsibility as a teacher is to make the practice work for you.

Now I hope you will indulge me as I share some of my favorite posts from the year.  If you are a new reader, I’m hoping that maybe you’ll read and enjoy the stuff you might have missed.

Using every prop I can get my hands on is a standard part of my own practice and my teaching.  I always joke with students that I’m only happy if I’ve managed to pull out every prop in the studio.  Sometimes, I’ll even go beyond the usual blocks, blankets and belts.  I wish more studios had fitness balls! They are great when you need a little extra lift to get into wheel pose.

Supported Wheel or the Fitness Ball Rocks my Socks

Full wheel

Bolsters are another favorite prop family.  I was so excited to give away a Hugger Mugger bolster a few months ago!  My favorite bolster application is the transition from chaturanga to upward facing dog.  It’s a great way to teach proper alignment without undue strain on the shoulders!

Transition: Chaturanga Dandasana to Upward Dog


And don’t forget about chairs!  Chairs are key for my headless headstand.  This was also the first video I made for the blog!

Chair Headstand Video


Blocks, belts and blankets are fantastic and most studios have them!  Use a block to combat hyperextension in triangle pose and use a belt to enhance your Warrior I pose.

placing the calf trapWarrior I

And then there’s the wall. Such a useful yoga prop and perfect for home practice, especially if you don’t feel like investing in all the other props!

King Cobra at the Wall

Raja Bhujangasana

Wall Dog


I’ve posted several sequences on the blog for you to try, but I put them all together in my home practice roundup.  Add in my forward bend sequence and you have a go to 30-45 minute home practice to get yourself started!

parivrtta janu sirsasana

A lot of people find my blog by searching for “plus size yoga clothes”, “yoga tops that don’t ride up” or “yoga clothing for large bodies”.  I’m with you!  I love clothes and the pile of yoga pants and shirts in my bedroom is a testament to the fact that there is cute stuff out there (not enough though!) if you know where to look!  I posted Yoga Clothing for Larger Bodies and an update later in the year to let you know what my favorite yoga clothing resources are.

I’ve mused (and sometimes ranted) with you.  I’ve shared my class schedule and my workshops.  I even got some pretty amazing press and was featured on YogaDork (which resulted in some very undignified shrieking)!

Hopefully, you are willing to stick with me for more years to come.  I’d love it if you’d take a peak through the archives for more yoga hacks, sequences and ramblings.  Thank you for making this blog possible!!  I couldn’t do it without you.


  1. Be inspired and I wish you the very best!


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